The philosophy of HYSUN3000


The project team of HYSUN3000 is formed by honorary members working in their spare time and build up the vehicle and also do the public relation. Additionally several universities and research institutes take part in the project and construct different components of the car. The German Federal Environment Ministry has got the patronage for the record drive. The project HYSUN3000 does not depend on any special world outlook.


A Germany wide opinion survey from June 2004 brought it out: Eighty percent of the German population wishes a stronger concentration on renewable energies. This discussion gets in movement these days, not at least on the background of the latest rise of the gasoline price. Further on, there will be the need to find new energy solutions, because of the declining fossil resources. The project HYSUN3000 makes its contribution to support the environmental friendly fuel cell technology.


The project HYSUN3000 consists of the construction of a hydrogen fueled vehicle and its record drive through several European Countries. The goal of the tour is to support the environmental friendly fuel cell technology and to show its resilience during this every day life test. Further on, the low energy consumption on this long tour should set a benchmark for future vehicle generations. The target energy consumption, which was set by the team itself, is to run a distance of 3000 kilometer with a mass of three kilogram hydrogen (equals eleven liters gasoline). Even if the vehicle has to be fueled short before reaching the destination, itíll be a new record. There has not been any comparable drive of a non-industrial-developed vehicle, which showed a comparably low consumption under every day conditions.


The main innovations of the vehicle are the modern and environmental friendly fuel cell technology and its optimized car body. The car body was improved on the basis of wind tunnel tests. Under the view of energetic aspects small changes in this design can lead to big improvements. The air drag coefficient was reduced significantly. Thus the HYSUN3000 is not only an example for a hydrogen vehicle, but also for an energetic reasonable vehicle design.


Consciously, the HYSUN3000-Tour wants to support the fuel cell technology and make it more popular. With the help of the Medias and the Internet Presentation the public should partake in the record drive and in effect be sensitized to this innovative topic.